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Update: March 31, 2020

Waterworks Bureau

To customers of water services

Water is indispensable in our daily lives. For the following cases, please contact Customer Center of the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau by phone 3 or 4 days in advance.

1) When you need to have water supplied

  • When you move to a new location in the prefecture
  • When you build a new house
  • You may fill out an application form named "Application for Water Supply," which you will find in your new residence, and mail it to the Waterworks Bureau.
    You can also apply via the Internet by accessing the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau website. On-line application for water service supply is currently available only in Japanese.
  • Renewal of your account
  • As long as your new address is within water supply areas covered by the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau (11 cities), you can continue to use the current account for the new location. Please make sure to notify the Bureau when applying for the services.

2) When you need to discontinue water use

  • When you move to a new location
  • When you are planning to move out, please make sure to inform us in advance.
  • When notifying us, you will be asked 1) your current address, 2) the name of the water supply account, 3) scheduled date and time and 4) your client number on "Water Consumption Notice" or on your water bill. Please have all the information ready.

3) When you need to pay water bills

Customers can pay the bill in 2 ways as described below.

(1) Billing method: Payment with a bill (Payment Notice) that is sent to a designated billing address of a customer

 A bill, or Payment Notice, is issued once every two months. Payment can be made at a bank, a post office, the Waterworks Bureau's office, or a convenience store.

If you miss a payment due date, you will not be able to make the payment at the aforementioned establishments. First, please contact Customer Center of the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau.

List of convenient stores affiliated with the Bureau

  • Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Daily Yamazaki, MiniStop (any location nationwide)

(2) Billing method: Automatic payment to be deducted from your account or saving account of a financial institution or a post office (Automatic bank transfer method)

You can apply for this bank transfer payment method at the window of your financial institution or post office. The Waterworks Bureau's offices, conveniently located throughout Chiba Prefecture, also accept the application.

You simply need to fill out an application form provided at the financial institution or post office. If you prefer to receive the application form by mail directly from the Bureau, please contact Customer Center of the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau.

Customer Center of the Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau

Tel: 0570-001245

Business hours
Weekdays  8:45 - 18:00
Saturdays 8:45 - 17:00
※The center is closed on Sundays, national holidays, and New Year holiday seasons (12/29-1/3).

When you are unable to contact us by PHS, Fax, or calling the left telephone number, you may dial a special number for customer services.

If you are unable to call via PHS or the above phone number, please contact


4) Expansion of Payment Methods for Prefectural Water Rates, Etc. (Introduction of Smartphone Payment)

1. Smartphone Payment

You can now pay your water rates, etc. by using your smartphone to scan the barcode printed on the payment slip (the same slip used to pay at the convenience store).

Therefore, there is no need to go out to prepare cash or make the payment, thus reducing constraints of time and place and improving convenience.

2. New Services

(1) LINE Pay

You can charge from your bank account using the LINE application, and then make the payment from your LINE Pay balance.

Upper limit: Up to 49,999 yen per payment slip

(2) PayB

You can pay directly using a bank account registered with the PayB application.

Upper limit: Up to 300,000 yen per day

Note: For both (1) and (2) above, the valid period for each payment slip is the same as the period that applies when paying at the convenience store, etc.

3. Date of Introduction

January 6, 2020 (Monday)

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